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SEPServer data server

Welcome to the SEPServer data server!

SEPServer is a new tool developed for the analysis of solar energetic particle (SEP) events. It is open for academic use for the whole community. In order to make use of the server, you need to become a registered user. However, browsing of our SEP event catalogues is possible even without registration.

SEPServer provides access to numerous SEP datasets, related electromagnetic observations and browsing, plotting and analysis tools facilitating the use of these data. We request that you notify the SEPServer team in case you make use of the data or the tools and that you provide proper acknowledgements to SEPServer in any publications and provide citations to the original articles where separately requested.

For other than academic use of the server, please contact the SEPServer team.

Research leading to these results has obtained funding from the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission, Grant Agreement no. 262773 (SEPServer).

Change history
29 January 2014
Creation of the change history page.
Addition of NRH image files.
New electron Green's functions.
Update of the forward modelling plots.
Update of the inversion software page.

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Context help
The SEPServer data server offers the following functionalities:

1. browsing of the dataset metadata;
2. browsing, downloading and uploading of event lists;
3. plotting of data.

In order to use the data server, a registered account needs to be created first.

Contact and feedback
If you have questions, comments or other feedback, please send a message to info@sepserver.eu.

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