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Change history
29 January 2014
Creation of the change history page.
Addition of NRH image files.
New electron Green's functions.
Update of the forward modelling plots.
Update of the inversion software page.

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Context help
On this page, the event catalogue can be consulted.

The event information is presented by means of pop-up windows which can be opened by clicking on the various column items for each event.

Information on the column contents is made visible when hovering the mouse pointer over the column headers in the last row of the table header (e.g. 'Date'). Clicking on the icons will open a pop-up window with more detailed information.

Some entries provide a double or triple action: Click, Ctrl+Click and/or Shift+Click, which will present different information.

Contact and feedback
If you have questions, comments or other feedback, please send a message to info@sepserver.eu.

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